Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Daphne’s fundraiser?

A Daphne’s fundraiser is a dine-in event in which Daphne’s will donate 20% of all pre-tax sales generated by the organization during the scheduled event when a fundraiser flyer is presented. Note: If less than $50 is earned during a fundraiser, the organization will receive comp cards in lieu of a cash donation.

Who can have a fundraiser?

All qualified, non-profit organizations are eligible for Daphne’s fundraisers.

How can I apply for a fundraiser?

Online applications can be submitted here.

What happens once I submit a fundraiser application?

Once an application is submitted it is reviewed by Daphne’s staff. You will be contacted by Daphne’s staff within a week with all of the necessary information. We ask that applications are submitted at least 2 weeks before the desired fundraiser date.

How long will it take for my organization to receive the check?

If the organization earns $50 or more during their fundraiser, the check will be mailed 4-6 weeks from the date of the fundraiser. The organization will be contacted 2 weeks after the event with the total amount raised during the event.

Why did I get gift cards instead of a check after my fundraiser?

Our fundraiser policy indicates that checks are issued for fundraisers earning $50 or more. If you’re fundraiser earned $49 or less you will receive comp cards as the form of payment.

Are there any additional requirements to host a Daphne’s fundraiser?

We ask that non-profit organizations bring in a minimum of 25 people to ensure a successful event.

Can To Go orders count towards a fundraiser?

Yes, as long as the guest presents a flyer at the time of purchase.

Do Gift Card purchases count toward fundraisers?

No, gift card purchases do not count toward fundraisers.