Fundraiser Marketing Tips

Tips for a Successful Daphne’s Fundraiser

Now that your fundraiser has been scheduled, your organization needs to create a plan to promote the event!

2–4 weeks before the fundraiser

1. Create a contact list. Who will be invited to the fundraiser?

  • PTO
  • Volunteers
  • Booster Clubs
  • Church Members
  • Sports Teams
  • Co-workers
  • Extra-curricular Clubs
  • Neighbors
  • Student Body
  • Family
  • Teachers
  • Friends

2. Distribute the fundraiser event flyer that was emailed to you.

  • Hand out printed copies at meetings or on campus
  • Include flyer in a newsletter
  • Email the flyer as an attachment
  • Link the flyer to your website
  • Post it on Facebook
  • Tweet a link to the flyer
  • Blog about the event

2 days – 1 week before fundraiser remind supporters about the event

  • Post a reminder on the website
  • Send the flyer with a newsletter
  • Send an email reminder with flyer attached
  • Post a reminder on Facebook
  • Tweet a reminder
  • Make an announcement
  • Call chains work wonderfully!

The day of the fundraiser:

  • Have fun and enjoy the food!
  • Please remember that guests must present flyers at the time of ordering and that flyers may not be passed out in the shopping center the day of the event.

To increase the funds earned during your event, encourage attendees to order Daphne’s Catering for home or the office during the fundraiser!

Please remember that if less than $50 is earned during your fundraiser your organization will receive comp cards as the form of payment.